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General disclaimer

Generally speaking, these disclaimers apply:

Opinions expressed are my own. They may not reflect the positions of my employer(s), family, friends (although they often inform my opinions), your neighbors, white men, Americans… My opinions are my opinions, regardless of anyone else’s opinions. My opinions are also subject to change, as I learn new things and grow as a person. If you think there’s something especially problematic here, you’re welcome to try to change my mind. I try to be teachable, but sometimes I’m stubborn or just not ready for a new idea. I’ll appreciate your patience if you’ll appreciate my effort. :)

I lack formal training in most of the areas I (want to) write about. I am not an expert, and my advice, opinions, memories, hypotheses, experiences, checklists, procedures, risk analyses, interpretations, and everything else MUST NOT be taken as the Word of God; rather, you should treat them as solid guesses. I am not a doctor, a lawyer, a certified teacher, an accountant, or a chemist. I’m just this guy, you know?

Do not mistake length, or depth, for accuracy. I may write a lengthy procedure or article based on a fundamentally incorrect premise. It may be convincing. Remember that an argument may be valid (mathematically correct) without being sound (valid plus true).

With this acknowledged, my goal is to create accurate and safe content that will not lead others to harm. If you see that I’m about to create serious danger or damage, please drop me a line.

Hazardous materials (hazmat)

Hazmat disclaimer

I’m not a chemist, a logistics professional, a lawyer, or a safety expert. I’m building my library of knowledge about hazmat topics (handling, procedures, checklists, transport, labeling) using common sense, reasoning, and the Internet. My goal is to execute my missions safely, minimizing risk via the hierarchy of controls. If you think I’ve missed an opportunity to reduce risk, or I’m creating an unappreciated/unacknowledged danger, please let me know immediately.


Legal disclaimer

I am not a lawyer in any sense. I have decent command of the English language and use of the Internet. Don’t mistake these for a law degree! If you’re thinking of applying my interpretations of the law to anything in your own life, I would encourage you to read the relevant literature yourself, draw your own conclusions, and if there’s any apparent gravity to the situation, consult an attorney. If you believe that something I have written is erroneous or creates danger, please let me know.

Also…I don’t know shit about licensing…sorry. I try, sort of. My tolerance for bullshit in this arena is low.

Money & taxes

Financial disclaimer

I’m not an accountant either. I don’t even know if that’s the right thing to say that I’m not. I’m pretty sure I’m just not authorized to furnish tax advice in any way. With that said…how else is a person supposed to learn to do their taxes? It’s not like they teach us in school. We get advice from our parents, our friends, and anyone who sounds like they know what they’re doing. If I write about taxes, treat that content as notes to myself, not advice to others. If you believe that content I have published exposes me to the risk of a lawsuit, please let me know.


If you need to reach me about a risk published on this site, including any in regard to the areas disclaimed on this page, please email me at

If you are uncomfortable writing in English, I encourage you to include a copy of your message in your native language, and I will fiddle with a translator to gather the most meaning from it.