hello world!

$ ls -l
p---b-q--+   3 jtreed jtreed  24/mtf/seattle Oct  3  1998  juh
lrwxrwxrwx   1 ktreed jtreed  24/ f /seattle Sep 25  2023  kate -> juh


it’s a juh

i live here now

so you finally made it to the late 90s huh?

I’ve wanted to put up a personal site for a while, but today I am avoiding vacuuming, so it’s actually getting done! I used to do things, but now I work for a fortune 10 company and don’t do them anymore. I enjoy doing CAD and often remodel my apartment virtually (past apartments available: West Jordan, UT; Salt Lake City, UT. these have broken somewhat since the furniture models have been updated, and mates will not be repaired. end of life.) I used to have strong feelings about the web, but they’ve been replaced with numb disappointment in web developers.

I’m exceedingly lazy, with the caveat that I’m willing to do more of fun work in order to avoid doing less of boring work (the well-explored engineer’s conundrum). Maybe I’ll write about things I’m pretending to work on someday. They’re all right here in my notes; maybe I can export the whole canvas to the web nightly or something. That might be cool!

but juh, you said you used to do things? surely you must use linux? who is this lady?

well, ok, yeah, so…

that’s a lot of things you don’t do anymore

yeah… sometimes i feel down about it, but i’m trying to do more things! and in the process of building this site, I have learned many things, and I have built a nice little docker image for auto-pulling your git repos and dumping them into nginx tidily :)

i’m working on electrical engineering now! buildin’ a lil esp32 boarb for pulling mac addresses :3

wow juh, you are so cool and i want to talk to you

you’re welcome to reach out any time, and i’ll answer when i feel like it:

i also exist in a couple of other places:

don’t these sites usually have links to your friends?

yes!! the fun part!