people are hard, and so am i

I’m difficult to get along with. It’s hard to become friends with me. It’s hard to make small talk with me. I know I’m not the only person I’ve just described, but I’m one of them. It’s not that I’m insufferable (I hope) or that I’m angry and bitter or live to make people’s lives harder; I’m not trying to be difficult to get along with…it’s just that all the usual “common ground” doesn’t hold up with me.

One of the motd’s at the bottom of this site is something like, “It’s not that I can’t, it’s that I can’t and don’t want to.” Could I change any of these things about me? Maybe, some of them, maybe…but like, I don’t really want to.

I like doing CAD, I like neat science things (to some extent), I like stuff that works, I like good design, I like quiet places, I like damp green forests, and I like problem solving. I like my friends too! If only I could actually visit them :( But when was the last time you casually talked about optimizing a workflow for some project? Or chatted with a friend about the safety implications of some furniture they’re looking at? If this sounds like your kind of fun, well, maybe we should hang out. Somewhere quiet.